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Rokumei Coffee


    Only high quality specialty coffee is used as an ingredient. We have created a flavorful taste that is different from other coffees. We promise you that it tastes great.


    Our coffee is made exclusively from single origin, unblended, straight beans. It requires confidence in the formulation and ingredients, but by making it 100% single origin, we are able to fully appreciate the flavor characteristics of specialty coffee.


    The head roaster of Rokumei Coffee is Koji Ida, a roaster who has won the JCRC, a competition of roasting skills from all over the country. He carefully selects the coffee beans and roasts them to bring out the full flavor of the ingredients so that you can enjoy a solid taste.

  • HOW TO

    On a hot day, pour it out of the fridge into a glass and enjoy. You can enjoy the full flavor of specialty coffee. There is a wide range of ways to enjoy it and the taste changes depending on the temperature.


    Ordinary iced coffee contains baking soda to prevent deterioration, but in order to bring out the flavor of the specialty coffee ingredients, we have made this coffee without baking soda. You will be amazed at the rich flavor of iced coffee.


    It's a great luxury gift for someone far away. If you want to spend time together, you can compare three different types of drinks and share your thoughts on the taste. It will surely make for a wonderful time together.



The head roaster of Rokumei Coffee is Koji Ida, a roaster who has won the JCRC, a competition of roasting skills from all over the country.
We offer not only delicious coffee, but also high quality special coffees with a focus on quality and freshness.

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I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend who loves coffee. He loved it so much that I will buy it again for his birthday.
It's a great cup of coffee, and even though I don't like black coffee, it tasted great.

Jayne doe, Toronto

I love the aroma of Rokumei coffee and I enjoy it very much. I have different types of coffee in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Frank Smith, Sydney

Now I'm a fan of Rokumei coffee because I know that Barista is world famous. I found out that Barista is world famous and now I am a fan of Rokumei coffee.

Sue Green, Osaka


ROKUMEI COFFEE's main store,

ROKUMEI COFFEE's main store, the NARA store, was established in 1974.
You can experience the art of brewing drip coffee and café lattes up close and personal, as recommended by the barista.
You can enjoy casual conversations with the baristas and coffee time in a relaxed atmosphere in a simple and refined space where you can feel the warmth of the wood.


Tomio Roastery

While tasting freshly roasted coffee, you can choose from a wide range of unique coffee beans.
The store has a high ceiling and large glass walls that allow plenty of natural light to shine through, allowing you to enjoy your coffee time in an open and spacious space.

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Tomio Roastery

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