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Original Blend Drip Bag Sarusawa


In the morning.
In the evening.
For a change of pace.

We have blended specialty coffee to accompany you in various situations in your daily life.
You don't need any special equipment to brew this drip bag, so it makes a great gift for someone who doesn't drink coffee or someone who loves coffee but is an instant coffee drinker.

It will give you a sense of relief after drinking a good cup of coffee.

Sarusawa BLEND (Scene: At night)
A blend of coffees for a relaxing, quiet evening.
It has a pleasant sweet and bitter taste like dark chocolate or caramel, and its full-bodied flavor will soothe the fatigue of the day. It is also delicious as a café au lait or Irish coffee because it is roasted deeply and slowly.
It's the perfect way to finish off a hard day's work.

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